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NYC Youth Food Countermarketing Network


NYC Youth Food Countermarketing Network

Image from by artist Ron English.

The NYC Youth Food Countermarketing Network (YFCN) works to carry out food countermarketing projects by engaging youth and youth serving organizations from across New York City. In the fall of 2017, the CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute (CUFPI) brought together organizations, groups, and individuals across NYC that sponsor youth food justice programs and were interested in creating and expanding youth food countermarketing work. This meeting served as a catalyst for establishing the NYC Youth Food Countermarketing Network. The Network comprises organizations and individuals that collaborate to launch unified food countermarketing projects that target and engage youth.

The Youth Countermarketing Network has 5 main goals:

  1. Create a space for NYC organizations to collaborate on food countermarketing projects.

  2. Engage and increase the amount of NYC organizations doing food countermarketing work.

  3. Provide links to resources and support for organizations engaging in this new field.

  4. Explore national partnerships with groups involved in food countermarketing projects.

  5. Launch one unified food countermarketing project yearly.

Including both organizations and individuals, YFCN uses the power of the collective to amplify the efforts of its members beyond what they could do alone. The CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute invites NYC-based organizations and individuals interested in this work to join the network. To join the network, or for more information, contact Charita Johnson James at

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